„Extensive work handled with love and compassion”

Having been extremely nervous of dentists from early childhood by my late 20’s my teeth were in a truly dreadful state. Having contaced the surgery I explained my situation and my fears about the costs and trauma of dentistry. I travelled to Budapest and found the whole trip to be excellent, the standard of dentistry and empathy of my dentist, Tamas was fantastic. Added to this the costs of the full treatment were as much as 250% cheaper than in the UK, not to mention the treatment is of a constantly excellent standard.

Andrea looked after me fantastically from picking me up at the airport to going out their way to find accommodation in Budapest whilst on a week long stay. During the course of my treatment I have had some extensive work done including extractions, implants, crowns, root canal fillings. All have handled with love and compassion. I cannot recommend this team highly enough. The greatest praise I can give them is that I intend to return to Budapest for routine check-up just to keep in touch with some great people and continue to discover a beautiful city.

(Peter, 35)

„Thank you for changing my life”

Just like to say thank you all for my perfect smile cant tell you how happy I am. Used to think about my teeth a hundred times a day now I no longer have to obbess about them. I can finally eat anything I like and enjoy my food without tasting a mouthful of plastic. It will change my life in so many ways and has given me my confidence back. Thank you for changing my life and giving me the smile I dreamed about.

(Helen, 49)

„Report of implant side effects”

Complaints department report of implant side effects that I should have been advised of.
1) Loss of weight due to chewing food instead of swallowing.
2) Due to Loss of weight necessitating the cost of new clothes to fit slimmer body.
3) Wife complaining that I do not eat all the food that she cooks due to above.
4) Wasted boxes of indigestion tablets.

(Peter, 56)

„Now have the smile I have wanted for years”

I also wanted to thank the team for your great care and your wonderful organisation that we experienced in Budapest last week. I have to admit that I was a bit dubious about having so much work done in such a short period of time. The UK dentist had planned 4 months to complete much less work!! And for 3 times the price!!
During one week I received; 4 replacement fillings, 1 root canal, 19 crowns plus 1 bridge and 2 crowns. In fact it was a full restoration and after 1 week I now have the smile I have wanted for years! I felt no pain during my week, I ate well every evening and we really enjoyed the sights of Budapest. (I really recommend the dinner cruise on the Danube).
Your surgeries are crisp and clean and your waiting room is beautiful and a very pleasant place to be. The atmosphere is joyful and relaxed but the dental team are very professional. Dr. Tamas has a no nonsense approach and his obvious wealth of experience puts one at ease knowing that one is in very capable hands. Dr Vanda is the root canal Queen ! – Believe me I know as I’ve had a few of these in the past !!
I’m looking forward to seeing you in London in March to have my implant second stage and crown. Please feel free to use me for a recommendation and thank you again for everything.

(Steve, 53)

„I was always fully informed of the choices”

Just quick e-mail to say thanks so much for all the help and support you have given me
whilst having my teeth done. The efficient way that all of my e-mails were answered prior to my treatment meant that I was always fully informed of the choices that I had and when things were going to happen.
The whole team in Budapest were helpful and made me feel at ease during my visit, the way the staff chatted to each other during the procedure made me feel at ease. I would like to say a special thank you to Vanda for all the hard work she put in and especially coming in on her day off to do the fitting of my crowns, I really
appreciated it so much.
I am amazed at how fantastic my new teeth look and feel, I knew that they would look
better but never thought they would look this is amazing.

(Nigel, 62)

„They have some excellent dentists at this company”

They have some excellent dentists at this company. I had a bridge fitted on several points and I was looked after by Andrea from start to finish whilst I was in Budapest. Had some minor niggles with the fitting but Vanda (excellent dentist) sorted this within two visits to London! I will be going back to the London clinic to have the final fitting soon,as you have to wait 6months for the gums to heal.
All in all a good experience. Clinic extremely modern and very clean, with an open approach to the layout of the practice, very chic! Andrea is an excellent customer support/patient liaison officer. She has honed her talents perfectly! 🙂

(Valerie, 58)

„Experiencing real taste for the first time in years”

I must admit that I am very pleased with my new teeth and the treatment I received…. and my new look! I am getting used to the new front teeth very quickly and without the plastic prosthesis my tatse buds in the roof of my mouth are experiencing real taste for the first time in years. Everyone admires my new teeth ….especially Cathy, my wife. I have no pain at all now and I am starting to smile again something I have consciously not done for many years.

(Dennis, 65)

„We were treated with so much kindness and care”

We’ve returned from Budapest last night, and we just wanted to let you know how happy we are with the treatment we’ve received from Perfect Smile. Our trip to Budapest was lovely, such a beautiful city! We are absolutely thrilled with our dental work, and we were treated with so much kindness and care by your staff. Phil will need to come back to your London office to have his implant crown fitted in a few months. I may need to come back just to adjust the bite on my crowns again, but I’ll see how I get on. I am so pleased with the crowns that Vanda has fitted, they have exceeded my expectations massively. We will be recommending your service highly to anyone that asks!

(Rachel, 43)

„My total satisfaction with the treatment”

I just wanted to write to express my total satisfaction with the treatment I have recently undergone to my teeth. Everybody involved, from London to Budapest, have been exceptional. I was told exactly what would be done, given a price for the work (which was less than expected and this was reflected in the price), and arrangements were made in Hungary with great efficiency. Adam and Arnold, the two dentists I was treated by, were both pleasant and professional, as were all the support staff. As far as a visit to the dentist can be enjoyable, they came as close to making it thus as can be expected.
I shall have no hesitation in returning and would recommend your services to anybody. In fact, I already have and believe that a neighbour of mine will be in touch very shortly.

(Ralph, 55)

„Colour, size, shape all looked completely natural”

As you are now no doubt aware, I was a very fearful, nervous and worried patient. This mainly stems from having grey second teeth as a child and having crowns fitted at 16, only to have two replaced at 17, in the wrong colour, after a car accident. However, I now know fear, nervousness and worry should have not even have crossed my mind!
On Saturday, 4th January we flew from Stanstead to Budapest and arrived in Budapest at around lunchtime. On Sunday afternoon, we were in the dentist chair side by side! Dr Tamas introduced himself and announced ‘showtime’! My crowns were removed and a further three were recommended (and this was exactly right), the only reason I wanted to only replace the existing crowns was to get the process over as quickly as possible but my teeth would not have looked complete! Monday, we were back in the surgery. Steve had his lower set of teeth filed and temporary crowns fitted and I had some fillings to replaced the old amalgam ones. On completion we went back to the hotel, sightseeing and then to dinner!
Tuesday was ‘dentist free’ and then we were back in the chair on Wednesday. Oh no, it’s implant day! I was nearly running for the door. Steve went first as promised and then it was then my turn. With nerves jangling I was in the chair. Dr. Tamas put me at ease and confirmed ‘Madam – it is 12.43 but it is not a race’. He then proceeded to drill the implant into my upper jaw and tighten it with which can only be described as a ratchet spanner! On completion, he announced, ‘Madam, it is 12.47, we have finished’ . The only shock was the speed of completion and the lack of pain!
Friday was fitting day. Steve had his fitted first. They looked great. I was concerned as I thought they may look false. Again I should not have worried, colour, size and shape all looked completely natural. Now it was my turn. Mine had a slight fitting issue but within 3 hours I had a new set in front of me ready to be fully fitted. WOW is all that I can say. They are absolutely lovely, colour, size, shape all looked completely natural!
Thank you, I love my new teeth. All perfect and I can honestly say I did not take one painkiller the whole week!

(Jackie, 49)

„I got what I asked for and even better”

I am ABSOLUTELY made up with my teeth. Showing them off to everybody… I am smiling more already, even the simple things like going in to the shop to buy some food and I’m more confident with talking and smiling to the staff. I am taking so many pictures, and feeling happy with each. All the staff and dentist treated me extremely well, I felt complete comfort. The dental surgery was decorated lovely and was well presented, giving us more reassurance.
The price was fantastic, very fair. And even more so, the outcome is everything I hoped for and more. I was so scared I could never be happy with my teeth and I was sceptical about what they would look like and if I was expecting too much. But they are perfect. So white and nice, so straight and perfectly proportioned. I thank Thomas for his patience with me and for him and all the dentist for doing what I WANTED. I got what I asked for and even better. Thank you for being so kind to us, you are very friendly and very good at your job. You speak English brilliantly and we appreciate being picked up and dropped off when we required. I will definitely be seeing you in London every so many months for a clean and check up.

(Nat, 28)


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