There are several ways to replace dentures; the implant based fixed bridge is the most common solution.

Let’s see what you can expect if you change your denture for a fixed bridge

  • You can eat anything: bite an apple, have a steak and enjoy full tastes again! In a dinner party you can choose anything to eat, without worrying how you will manage to chew food.
  • Your digestion and general health gets better; you may even lose weight because with better chewing result you will need less food to feel full.
  • You can freely smile and even have big, big laughs; you will just not be able to stop smiling.
  • You will never ever have to worry about your teeth falling off and causing an embarrassing situation: you can go skiing, diving, you can sing karaoke, play football, go sledding with your children or grandchildren, dance or play music – whatever you want to do!
  • With the fixed bridge you may also get a “free mini facelift” as the new teeth elevate the height of your bite often leaving fewer and thinner wrinkles around the mouth.
  • Life simply gets better without the denture!

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There is always a solution and it may be less expensive than you would ever think.