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Change your denture for a fixed bridge… and for a better life!

If you have been living with a denture for some time you know what it is like; there is no more toothache and cleaning but there are other and sometimes more serious problems:

  • You have a plastic thing in your mouth, which is very difficult to get used to. Soft tissues in the mouth get harder and sore spots develop. With an upper denture the roof of your mouth and the taste buds there are covered, you cannot feel and enjoy food as before.
  • Chewing force of a denture is only a fraction of that of fixed teeth and if you cannot chew food well your nutrition and digestion is weaker.
  • When you wear dentures for a long time the bone gradually recedes because it is not supported by the teeth therefore it is not used. The denture becomes loose and floppy as you have less and less bone to support it.
  • As the bone recedes your face changes: the distance between your nose and your chin gets smaller, your lips collapse making wrinkles on the two sides of your mouth.

There are several ways to replace dentures; the implant based fixed bridge is the most common solution. Let’s see what you can expect:

  • You can eat anything: bite an apple, have a steak and enjoy full tastes again! In a dinner party you can choose anything to eat, without worrying how you will manage to chew food.
  • Your digestion and general health gets better; you may even lose weight because with better chewing result you will need less food to feel full.
  • You can freely smile and even have big, big laughs; you will just not be able to stop smiling and everybody will enjoy your company.
  • You will never ever have to worry about your teeth falling off and causing an embarrassing situation: you can go skiing, diving, you can sing karaoke, play football, go sledding with your children or grandchildren, dance or play music – you can freely enjoy life!
  • With the fixed bridge you also get a “free facelift” as the new teeth elevate the height of your bite – as much as possible – leaving fewer and thinner wrinkles around the mouth.
  • Life simply gets better without the denture!

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